4H is a nationwide, volunteer-based children and youth organisation that is politically and religiously neutral. In Sykkylven you will find 4H in Ramstaddal and Ikornnes. All children in Sykkylven are welcome to take part.


Blåklokka 4H: Marian Olsen Melseth, Iver S. Pettersen, Ida Bjørnevik, Embla Klokk Brunstad, Daniel S. Pettersen, Julie Ramstad, Mathias Olsen Melseth, Fredrik Bjørnevik and Siv Riksheim. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

The four Hs symbolise: Head – Heart – Hands – Health

Eight good friends attending Blåklokka 4H are gathered on Ånehjellen, ten minutes walk from the pier in Ramstaddal. Siv Riksheim is in charge: “We have a lot of fun. But we also take on responsibilities. The grass and forest have to be cut”, she says.

“During winter time, this area is beautiful”, she continues. ”We put on our torches and enjoy some food by the fireplace”.

Oskar the dog

Since January, the ten 4H-members have worked with their self-selected projects.

Marian is well prepared. “I am doing this project about my dog Oskar, who is a Border Collie”, she says.


Marian Olsen Melseth tells her story about Oskar the dog. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Her friends listen carefully as she goes on. “I am making good progress with the project thanks to Oscar, who has volunteered to be my model. Oskar knows many tricks. He can play dead and roll around”.

Marian smiles while she shows the film where the dog is stroking her cheek. She has made a ​​plan and a budget, read and written about the project.


Such a lovely view at Ånehjellen! (Photo: Hanne Suorza)


During the annual autumn party the children will present their projects, which are all related to subjects such as nature, home living, society and culture. Some choose to work with photography, handcrafts, vegetables, flowers, newspapers or baking.

Hence to the 4H motto ‘learning by doing’ – all members themselves decide what to explore and study, as well as taking part in arranging the exhibition.

Siv says that autumn party is a highlight; the participants make food, arrange a program and a lottery. All projects are being evaluated and a mark is awarded to the approved project and to those with attendance of more than 50 percent. After seven years, it´s time for the allocation of the 4H-plaque.


All members know the 4H-pledge by heart: «I promise to work towards becoming a youth with a clear head, warm heart, clever hands and good health.» (Photo: Hanne Suorza)


Siv has been involved in 4H since her child was part of the club seven years ago. She finds great joy in outdoor activities and believes “It is important that kids have activities close by, 4H is a social gathering. The children are good at making various things for others.”


Embla Klokk Brunstad and Daniel S. Pettersen. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Would you like to participate?

All children aged eight years and over are welcome to join. New members start in January.

Please contact:

Siv Riksheim, Blåklokka 4H: 952 82 589 (Ramstaddal)

Mette Brunstad, Straumen 4H: 402 43 833 (Ikornnes)


Ida Bjørnevik has made a nice picture. (Foto: Hanne Suorza)


Enjoying their time in the forest: Iver S. Pettersen and Fredrik Bjørnevik (Photo: Hanne Suorza)



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