A great outdoor stadium and an indoor sport centre are perfect for athletics.


Lars Kåre Aurdal, Herman Aurdal and Thomas Sletvold. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

(In Norwegian: Friidrett)

In addition to a good outdoor arena at Ikornnes stadium, you will be able to exercise indoor during wintertime. In the sport centre close to the town centre, you find a jumping pit and athletes can throw the ball, discus, and run with their spiked shoes.

In Sykkylven there are two athletic-clubs: Sykkylven Idrettslag (SIL) or Ikornnes Idrettslag. (IIL) They are competitive but cooperate with each other. “New athletes are welcome”, the headman of SIL, Lars Kåre Aurdal, says.  “It doesn´t matter if your shirt is yellow or red, but to compete you must be a member of a sports-team.”


The sport centre: Sykkylven Storhall (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

In winter the athletes work on their agility-skills, as well as speed and strength. During the summer focus is on improving technique at Ikornnes Stadium.

Thomas Sletvold works as a coach in both clubs. Thomas has been an active athlete for many years. Now he shares his knowledge and experience with younger athletes. According to Lars Kåre, Thomas is a great resource for athletes in Sykkylven.

One who got to learn is Herman Aurdal; a talent who has won several national medals. Herman became interested in athletics when he took part in a school championship in 2010.


Thomas Sletvold. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Fridays at Ikornnes

Every Friday afternoon during spring and autumn, all children between six and thirteen years old can take part in an event at Ikornnes. They get to jump, throw the ball and run 40 – and 60 -meter races. You don’t have to call beforehand.

Would you like to participate?

Contact: Lars Kåre Aurdal : tel 909 48 985 or Steinulf Grøvik: tel 932 02 830

Ikornnes stadion er i bruk heile året så sant det ikkje er snø på bakken. - Då går det ikkje ein dag utan at her er trening på gang, fortel leiar i friidrettsgruppa på Ikornnes, Steinar Grøvik. (Foto: Hanne Suorza)

Ikornnes stadion (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

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