Do you want to learn about Norwegian folk dance?


Young and old have fun dancing. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

(Foto: Hanne Suorza)

Coordination, cooperation and joy. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)


Anne Britt Hjortdal informs:

  • Children learn how to dance Norwegian dances, polka, waltz, line dance and many more.
  • In the autumn of 2013, there are 12 dancers aged 7-12.
  • The minimum age is 6 years.
  • They practice once a week.
  • New dancers start every October.
  • Children take part in several annual events, such as celebrating the national day on the 17th of May.
  • They meet up for a Christmas workshop, a rehearsal weekend in January and a party before the summer holiday.
  • Dance is all about coordination, cooperation and joy.

Alexandra Sørensen (8) and Benedicte Sætre Solbjør (10) like to dance waltz. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Sunniva Karlsen (16) har dansa i ti år og er ein av instruktørane. Her demonstrerer ho .. saman med systera Benedicte Karlesen (11)

Sunniva Karlsen (16) to the left is one of the instructors. Her sister Benedicte Karlsen (11) to the left. «Hallingkast» is a traditional Norwegian dance. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)


Astrid Aure informs:

  • 20-30 people aged 45-75 are part of this group.
  • Younger dancers are very welcome!
  • They practice once a week.
  • You don´t have to have a partner to come along.
  • Dances include polka, waltz, mazurka, tango and many more.
  • Dance is social and great exercise. Compared to other activities it is reasonable.
  • On the first Thursday of each month we enjoy live music.
  • We learn from various instructors.
  • Once in a while, dancers go on trips nearby. Previous travels include Prague and Dublin.

Anne Britt Hjortdal and Per Svein Tandstad. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Sykkylven Frilynde Ungdomslag blei etablert i 1893. (Foto: Hanne Suorza)

The group «Sykkylven Frilynde Ungdomslag» was established in 1893. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)


Oddrun Eidem informs:

  • This is first and foremost a meeting place for pensioners.
  • Initially for 55+, but younger people may join.
  • We dance to the rhythms of waltz, tango, rumba, samba and so on.
  • Dances are simplified and adapted. Those with a bad knee or an injured hip can join.
  • Dancers do not need to come in pairs.
  • In Sykkylven there are about 50 senior dancers.Two different groups practice once a week in the elderly home. (Buas)
  • One day a month the groups gather at “kulturhuset”. Sometimes dancers from other municipalities take part.

The band “Durdeier med drenger”

Gunhild Øigarden informs:

  • The four women playing met on a course. They decided to start up an accordion group.
  • Then some fellows came along to comp.
  • Today there are eight people playing accordion, bass and guitar.
  • If you are able to play one of these instruments, you are welcome to get in touch.
Durdeiene og drenger speler ein gong i månaden. Då ligg alt til rette for at unge og eldre kan ta seg ein svingom.

The band «Durdeier og drenger» plays old Norwegian folk music. Kari Hjorthol, Gunhild Øigarden, Grete Aure, Per Kaspersen, Edith Magerholm, Leif Tuva, Odd Risvik, Mykhaylo Mykhalchyshyn (Micha) and Nils Kristian Magerholm. (Photo: Hanne Suorza)

Would you like to participate ?

  • Children: Anne Britt Hjortdal : 918 95 022 / anne.britt.hjortdal @
  • Adults: Astrid Aure : 415 11 406 /
  • Seniors: Oddrun Eidem : 408 82 269 /
  • Durdeiene med drenger: Gunhild Øigarden : 416 92 286 / gunhild.oigarden @
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