Ikornnes Diving Club

A member of the Diving Club, Robert Fiksdal, describes a fascinating life deep down in the fjord:


(Photo: Robert Fiksdal)

(Norwegian: Ikornnes Dykkerklubb)


One of the creatures in the fjord next to Sykkylven. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


A crab in the fjord by Tusvik/ Sykkylven. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)

Jellyfish and wrecks

Among the most special creatures Robert has seen in Norway is the deep-sea jellyfish Periphylla periphylla. He has also looked at skater and seals. Abroad, Robert has experienced Barracuda and Lionfish. He still waits to see his first shark…

Robert likes diving to wrecks. Ikornnes Diving Club has visited the wreck of the Consul Carl Fisser, which was lowered from just outside Ålesund in 1942.

“This is marvellous and has been voted to be one of the best wrecks to dive to in Norway. Now, we also have a wreck in Hundeidvik/ Sykkylven that has become popular”, Robert says.


The wreck in Hundeidvik. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


The wreck in Hundeidvik. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


The wreck in Hundeidvik. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


Along with the other club members, Robert has attended many trips, both to places close by and abroad. A few hours away, he has dived at Lygnstøylsvatnet. He says “This old place has been lying under water since a landslide blocked the river in 1908. We swim along the old road and the stones, gates and trees. An exciting experience.”


Lygnstøylsvatnet. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


Lygnstøylvatnet. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)

A boat…

Ikornnes Diving Club was formed in 2001. According to Robert, many in Sykkylven hold a certificate, but are not active divers. “If the club can get access to a boat, this might change”, Robert says. “Then we could have regular club trips to areas other than those we reach by car. So if someone please would sponsor us,” the diver smiles.


Robert Fiksdal is a member of the Diving Club.

Everyone aged eight or older can take a diving license. Robert recommends a course called PADI Seal Team that teaches you the basics. As long as you are in decent physical shape, there is no upper age limit, but it is necessary to have a health check before taking the course. The easiest way to gain a license in the region is at Ålesund Dykkersenter. On dykkersenter.no you will find information about the courses.

The diving organisation PADI gives you permission to dive down to 18 meters, the next level to 30 meters etc.


Ikornnes Dykkarklubb on their way to Skodjestraumen: Thomas Jenssen, Lars Petter Melseth and Kai Hjorthol in front. Behind them we see Bjørnar Tusvik and Robert Fiksdal.

Would you like to participate?

All who hold a diving certificate are welcome to participate in Ikornnes Dykkerklubb. You can find contact information on ikornnesdykkerklubb.no. Contact Robert Fiksdal on 402 30230 or Kai Hjorthol on 926 71 266


Lionfish in Egypt (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


(Photo: Robert Fiksdal)


The wreck Thistlegorm i Egypt. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)

Klovnefisk i Egypt. (Foto: Robert Fiksdal)

Fish in Egypt. (Photo: Robert Fiksdal)

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