Fantastisk utsikt frå Smogehornet. Fjellhug har to årlege påsketurar. Skituar i romjula har også blitt tradisjon. (Foto: Fjellhug)

Nature- and Mountain Society: Fjellhug

Each year Fjellhug presents a program with family friendly excursions, ski-games plus challenging glacier and mountain hikes. (Norwegian: Fjellhug) More people go hiking Anita Kjersheim has been part of Fjellhug since the late…


Hunting and Fishing

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the lake is simply calming the soul”. (In Norwegian: Sykkylven jeger- og fiskeforening) Kristian Moe can’t think of a better pass time. As a member of…


Horse Riding

In Sykkylven riders proceed straight from stables into beautiful scenery. (In Norwegian: Sykkylven rideklubb) An Outdoorsy Offering The riding arena in Sykkylven is located at Haugset. May Lisbeth Riksheim is the leader of…


Red Cross – Care

I see the smiles, and feel the joy by giving. The words of Rolf Hansen, who is the leader of Sykkylven Red Cross – Care, say it all. The tables in the elderly…


Red Cross – Readiness

If outdoor activities and first aid are your thing, why not join the The Red Cross? The Red Cross currently has two divisions in Sykkylven: Red Cross – Care Red Cross – Readiness…



Sykkylven holds the largest group of scouts between the cities of Bergen and Trondheim. (In Norwegian: Sykkylven Speidargruppe) Many happy scouts are gathered at the lake of Andestad. Among them, Torje Vedvik, Erik…


Swimming Pools

In Sykkylven you find both indoor- and outdoor swimming facilities. Ikornnes Friluftsbad Single ticket, family ticket or season passes for sale. On site there is a 25 meter long pool, a children’s pool…



4H is a nationwide, volunteer-based children and youth organisation that is politically and religiously neutral. In Sykkylven you will find 4H in Ramstaddal and Ikornnes. All children in Sykkylven are welcome to take…


Dogs Club

When Tove Johnsen moved to Sykkylven 13 years ago, it didn´t take long before she called the Dogs Club. ”It´s a great way to get in touch”, Tove says. (In Norwegian: Sykkylven Hundeklubb)…

Juba teater: Vilde Selsbakk Skogseth, Johanne Hjordal, Charlotte Gulla Tandstad, Amanda Sofie Bolstad Østro, Ine Velle Nerhus, Frida Sofie Bjørneseth Lade og Inga Therese Strøm Årdal.

JUBA Theatre and Club

Do you have Creative skills? Then head to Straumgjerde for theatre, juggling, candle making and much more. Trolls Christmas Six girls are excited before the first weekend of Advent. Since August, they have… © 2021 | Ver venleg og oppgje kjelde ved kopiering av tekst, foto og video. Brabygd har ikkje ansvar for innhald på eksterne nettsider som det blir lenka til.