Håvard Elias Hovet Aas. (Foto: Syver Torvik)

SIL Freeski

As soon as there is fresh powder snow at Fjellsetra, freeskiers build jumps, rails and trails. – This is where it all happens, Magnus Overå (18) says. In this way, members of the…


Ikornnes Diving Club

A member of the Diving Club, Robert Fiksdal, describes a fascinating life deep down in the fjord: (Norwegian: Ikornnes Dykkerklubb) Jellyfish and wrecks Among the most special creatures Robert has seen in Norway…


Cross Country Skiing

In Sykkylven we have great slopes that are suitable for all cross country skiers. (Norwegian: langrenn) Every winter cross country skiers in Sykkylven organize a number of popular events, both for adults and…


Sykkylven Climbing

 Are you ready to take on new and exciting outdoor challenges? Then look forward to new courses run by Sykkylven Climbing. (Norwegian: Sykkylven klatreklubb) Leader Kjetil Ellefsen says “There is great interest in…


The Gym – Stamina

Zumba, sh’bam, yam! New words, new groups, new inspiration. Whatever motivates you, Stamina will get you started! As the general manager of Stamina Sykkylven, a fitness centre with 1,000 members aged from 15-85…

Karoline Eikrem og Hanne Lundanes.


Teenagers take on important responsibilities: “We want to create an environment as good as the one we have been a part of” Hanne Lundanes (18) says. Hanne has been a gymnast since she…

Bak frå venstre: Øyvind Bjørkavåg, Paul Magne Hole, Frode Vadseth, Arve Torset og Atle Alnes.
Fremst: Ole Tom, Tom Freddy Utgård, Arnt Tore Røe, Terje Aure og Karl Johan Tafjord. (Foto: Hanne Suorza)

Football – For Adults

The tournament ‘Øss gir øss aldri” is an annual high point for many adult footballers in Sykkylven. “Every Boxing Day the Sports hall is crowded and many people who are home for Christmas…

Løpere fra flere klubber som besiktiger en løype før en kretstrening. Treneren i bildet er leder i Møre og Romsdal skikrets, Stig Aambø.

Downhill skiing: Sykkylven Alpin

Sykkylven offers great slopes for those who compete or ski for fun. (Norwegian: Sykkylven IL Alpin) Downhill-skiers in Sykkylven practise in three different groups. The youngest stay at the family slope, whilst the…


KRIK (Various sports for teenagers)

Varied sports and healthy values ​​are central to this newly established leisure activity. KRIK (meaning: Christian Sports Contact) started in Sykkylven autumn 2013. Training takes place in the sports hall. The eighteen year…



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